It gets better with time…

…It really does!!! I felt most of the stress because as a former teacher my child should have been reading War and Peace by 1st grade (at least that was what other teachers around me made me feel). I should have known better after getting my training in Early Childhood Management and Education training. The Greats; such as Montisorri, Skinner, and Piaget to name a few; knew better than what the so-called professionals of today’s society are pushing us to believe. My daughter may not be at that level but there have been improvements and the desire to want to learn is getting greater. I also tapped into my early years for which I too had the same struggles. My reading really soared by 7th grade and my spelling improved 1000000% in college (weekly term papers). We all blossom in our God-given time. Enjoy your children and make learning fun for both.

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