Hello and welcome to Porta Academy Free School (PAFS) website. This group was created to help parents find an alternative way to have their child(ren) educated. Many parents have different reasons why they have decided not to have their child(ren) in a traditional educational environment.

What’s in a name?

Porta in Latin means “gate”

Academy (academia) in Latin means “a society of learned persons organized to advance art, science, or literature” or “a place of knowledge, explore theories, rhetoric, ask question and become enlightened”

This is how our name and motto came to be, Porta Academy ~ The Gateway to Knowledge.

What we have to offer.

We not only have online resources, we also offer the opportunity for families to meet each other and interact with on another. We are here to plant the seeds of our future leaders as a group.  We also believe in making enjoyable memories for the children and teaching to love each other as God wants us to.

Our goal is to have families foster relationships with one another as we all learn and grow. We are happy to have you as part of the PAFS family.