For the struggling parent(s)

A parent wrote on how they feel they were not helping thier children's education while homeschooling. My heart went out to them because I too have felt that way so many times. Their kids refuses to read and feels they are hold them back by homeschooling. All of this resonates because I have walked down… Continue reading For the struggling parent(s)


What your child can’t Read by 6?

Well, this article would shine a light to that. Here is my comment about this article in a conversation I was having with a friend. Friend: Just imagine it was the professionals decades ago that said earlier the better 😂 Me: I know and they were the wrong professionals. It has been proven from the founders of… Continue reading What your child can’t Read by 6?


It gets better with time…

...It really does!!! I felt most of the stress because as a former teacher my child should have been reading War and Peace by 1st grade (at least that was what other teachers around me made me feel). I should have known better after getting my training in Early Childhood Management and Education training. The… Continue reading It gets better with time…

Trips, Groups and More


Feel Free to add an event to the group calendar by filing out the form below. Please be conscientious of allowing 2 months for any field trip events. Thank you. Here is a Field Trip request form (in PDF and DOC). Once completed, please e-mail it to TripPlanner - DOC TripPlanner - PDF