For the struggling parent(s)

A parent wrote on how they feel they were not helping thier children’s education while homeschooling. My heart went out to them because I too have felt that way so many times. Their kids refuses to read and feels they are hold them back by homeschooling. All of this resonates because I have walked down the same road. When I learned how to un-school and tapped into what I went through in school with my under performance according to the school authorities, I realized that we are doing it all wrong.

I began to deprogram myself and learned to make learning fun again aka un-schooling. This was my response to this parent…

Stop Schooling….. and just teach them. We had tired the Virtual School the State offers – Hated them – Have fun, make everything you encounter a teachable moment. Use your surroundings, talk about current events. Learn how to cook.
We are in the middle of bus conversion and our kid is learning shop class, math, physics, art via home decor, sewing and economics buy learning how to shop and count money.
See all we are learning with that. The system has brainwashed us all for so long that we feel inadequate to educate our child. Think about all you taught your child – eating, talking, potting, running, sharing, caring….

Don’t sell yourself short- YOU CAN DO THIS and we love you for Loving your Children – Be Blessed and Be Safe

So to all the struggling parents out thier- Don’t Sell yourself short. Make memories and enjoy the journey. You only have one life so make the best life you can for you and your family. Much Love. Be Blessed and Be Safe.

Unschooling is an approach to home education based on. learning through living rather than through the conventions of school. parents partnering with their children rather than re-creating “school at home” children following their interests and curiosity, with help and resources from supportive parents.
Unschooling | TheHomeSchoolMom

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