Teacher Resources

Teacher Resources

Recommended Free Umbrella School (Just like a private school but better)

The Steps to Homeschooling in Polk County

Home Education Contacts

  • Shannon Gillespie Senior Manager of Social Work Services (863) 534-0024 mailto:shannon.gillespie@polk-fl.net
  • Karen Spoerlein Secretary II – Home Education Program (863) 534-0960 karen.spoerlein@polk-fl.net
  •  Brandi.hardee@polk-fl.net and Omayra.rivera@polk-fl.net
    New phone #: 863-665-8068
  • Heather Himes(Testing opting Out info) Polk District Senior Coordinator of Student Learning Evaluation   (863) 647-4711 Heather.Himes@polk-fl.net
  • Deidre Skaggs Sr. Coordinator for School Counseling Elem. 519-8197
  • Sherry Scott Sr. Manager, Psychological Service 534-0928
  • Laquieria Nottage Sr. Coordinator for School Counseling 534-0027
  • Jim Maxwell Director, Student Services 534-0958
  • Sherry Scott Sr. Manager, Psychological Service 534-0928
  • Diane Taylor Director, Exceptional Student Education 534-0931
  • Susan Conner Specialist, School Assignment/Transfers 534-0716
  • Director, Polk Virtual School 665-4538
  • Marc Hutek Multiple Pathways 519-8437
  • Dan Talbot Sr. Coordinator, Athletics 534-0635


Homeschool Guide



The Steps to Homeschooling in Hillsborough County

Contact for Hillsborough County: Denee Upshaw 813.609.6816 x 292

Dual Enrollment

  • HCC: Nancy Dickey 813.253.7121
  • SPC: Naly Lattenhauer 727.712.5400

Transcripts for Homeschoolers


Scholarships for school

Opt-out Testing


Different Teaching Styles/Philosophies Videos

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GrpgDC0Rosc (What is your teaching style(s)?)

 Charlotte Mason




Reggio Emilia


Unit Studies


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